Boys' youth lacrosse program in westwood Massachusetts
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Canton Tournament Information and Sign Up
MRK Canton Tournament The Canton Tournament is a benefit event...
IMPORTANT HELMET UPDATE We want to make sure players and parents...
Canton Tournament Information and Sign Up

MRK Canton Tournament

The Canton Tournament is a benefit event raising money for the Melissa Rose Kradin foundation.  Rick and Audrey Kradin created the Foundation in memory of their daughter, Melissa Rose, who passed away in 1998 at the age of 12 after a two-year battle with a malignant brain tumor.  This foundation works together with the Cam Neeley Foundation to fund research activities to advance the treatment of childhood cancers and to provide support to the families of critically ill children.

When is the tournament?
Friday, June 12, Saturday, June 13, and Sunday, June 14.

What is the format?
This is a competitive event with four games on Saturday, followed by semi-final and final games on Sunday.  Each team will play between four and six games.  Only teams that qualify move on to Sunday's games.

Who can play and how are the teams formed?
The tournament is optional and is for U11, U13 and U15 players. Any player that would like to volunteer can sign up.  Each town sends one "blended team," that consists of a pool of players.  A different mix of players will play during each game but it is the success of them all that qualifies the team for the Sunday semi-finals and finals.

Sign Up
Check your availability against the tournament schedule below, then complete the signup form AND EMAIL THE COORDINATOR BELOW TO ASSURE A SPOT ON THE TEAM AS THE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. You will be assigned to games by the age group coordinators who are listed below. Please note that not all requests can be accommodated. You are expected to be at games you are assigned to, please notify the age group coordinator well in advance if you can not make an assigned game. The deadline for the sign up was Tuesday, June 9.

U15 Coordinator - Eric Arnold 
U13 Coordinator -   Paul DeMaio 
U11 Coordinator - Tim Connors ( )

Schedule and Locations (Note: the two locations are ~ 10 minutes apart!)

Windsor Woods Fields - 1 Windsor Woods Lane, Canton, MA
Canton High School Memorial Grass- 900 Washington St, Canton, MA (grass field behind the Turf)
Canton High School Turf - 900 Washington St, Canton, MA



U11 U13 U15
Sat. 8:00AM (Canton High School Turf) Sat. 8:00AM (Windsor Woods 1) Fri. 5:30PM (Windsor Woods 2)
Sat. 10:30AM (Canton High School Memorial- Grass) Sat. 10:30AM (Canton High School- Turf) Sat. 9:15AM (Canton High School Memorial- Grass)
Sat. 1:00PM (Canton High School Memorial- Grass) Sat. 2:15PM (Windsor Woods 1) Sat. 11:45AM (Windsor Woods 1)
Sat. 3:30PM (Canton High School Memorial- Grass) Sat. 4:45PM (Windsor Woods 1) Sat. 2:15PM (Canton High School Memorial- Grass)
Sun. 08:00AM (TBD) Sun. 9:15AM (TBD) Sun. 10:45AM (TBD)
Sun. 12:30PM (Canton High School Turf) Sun. 2:00PM (Canton High School Turf) Sun. 3:30PM (Canton High School Turf)

For questions, please contact your age group coordinator.

Go Westwood!

by posted 05/24/2015


We want to make sure players and parents are aware of a recent void in the certification of two lacrosse helmets. On November 24, 2014, NOCSAE announced that it had voided the certification of two lacrosse helmet models that do not meet performance standards -- the Cascade Model R and the Warrior Regulator.

Below is the latest from MBYLL on how to resolve the helmet issue for the Cascade Model R and this information is also posted on the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League website at

Cascade is asking consumers to send their Cascade R helmets back to the Cascade to be retrofitted. Cascade has agreed to cover all shipping and retrofitting expenses; the detailed instructions are below. We do not have instructions on the resolution for the Warrior Regulator helmet just yet. Lacrosse Officials have already informed ALL Youth Coaches that players WILL NOT be able to play if they are wearing a Cascade Model R Helmet that has not been sent in and has the NEW Sticker showing that the updates have been made to the helmet and the helmet is currently approved by NOSCAE. Please do not delay in sending in the helmet to Cascade. As we get closer to the Spring season, the turn around time will get longer and longer.

Instructions To Return a Cascade R Helmet can be found at To return a helmet for certified modification, consumers can begin the return process by providing information at this site beginning on December 13 at 9 a.m. Upon receipt of this information, Cascade will send a pre-paid shipping label to you. Once you receive the label, put your Cascade R helmet in a box, affix the shipping label and send the helmet to Cascade. When the helmet arrives at Cascade’s facility, it will be professionally updated with the certified modification and a tamper-resistant sticker will be applied to the helmet to prove it has completed the certified modification. The helmet will then be sent back to you. The modification will be free of charge for consumers and retailers, including shipping.

by posted 01/15/2015