Boys' youth lacrosse program in Westwood, MA

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Faceoffs are an important part of lacrosse.  They occur after goals and at the start of each quarter; the team that wins them will gain the advantage of ball control and will have more scoring opportunities.  Every position on the field has a job during the faceoffs; players need to know all of them.

FACEOFF MIDFIELDER - faceoffs are always taken right handed; job and techniques are covered in the videos below.

WING MIDFIELDERS - the other two midfielders line up behind the wing lines, one on each side of the field.  Wing midfielders can have two different jobs.  The wing midfielder on the left side of the faceoff man should go straight in to get the ball; often the faceoff man will try to flip it out to you.  The wing midfielder on the right side of the faceoff man should run in but stay on the defensive side of the field and cut off the other team if they win the faceoff.  Note: if there is a faceoff during a man down situation, a defenseman or attackman can take his position furing the faceoff.  Offside rules still apply.

DEFENSEMEN & ATTACKMEN - during faceoffs, the defense and attack must stay in the restraining box until the referee declares possession.  Possession is called once any player scoops up and maintains the ball; the defensemen and attackmen are now free to move out of the restraining box.  If the ball rolls into the restraining area before possession is called, the defensemen and attackmen in that area are free to go after the ball but still must stay in the restraining box.

GOALIE - the goalie will be asked by the referee to acknowledge they are ready prior to the faceoff.

Faceoff Techniques Part 1

Faceoff Techniques Part 2